Friday, April 7, 2017


跟師大附中合作的「化數為藝」特色課程,星期三做了第三次的教師增能工作坊,題目為「奈米無機世界的構築藝術-從數學串珠到分子桁架結構」。 海報與幾張照片:

Friday, March 31, 2017

A video on youtube

I just noticed a video "串珠與奈米世界的火花 (Sparkling Between Beading and Nano World)" on youtube which was apparently made by my school, National Taiwan Unversity.

The photos in this video were taken by Ying-Rong Chen.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A few bead models of diamondoid molecules

Mathematical beading can be used to construct any diamondoid molecule, also known as nanodiamonds or condensed adamantanes. Here, I show three such molecular systems:

Adamantane (C10H16);
Diamantane (C14H20) also diadamantane, two face-fused cages;
One of 9 isomers of Pentamantane with chemical formula C26H32.

Exhibition at the National Center for High-Performance Computing

We have the first exhibition at the National Center for High-Performance Computing, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Talk on the connection between bead models and chemical bonding

The three figures at the bottom are taken from the works of Su and Prof. W. Goddard III at Caltech. These figures show electron density profiles based on the so-called electron Force Field, which is essentially a simplified floating spherical Gaussian orbital method with an empirically fitted Pauli potential that takes care of the antisymmetric property of electrons.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Modified Goldberg Polyhedra

A recent paper entitled "Self-assembly of tetravalent Goldberg polyhedra from 144 small components" ( (published in Nature by Makoto Fujita et al.) described a kind of self-assembled molecular structures based on the so-called tetrabalent Goldberg polyhedra consisting of square lattice decorated with eight triangles.

Incidentally, Chern Chuang also constructed many bead models of this type while he was still a student at NTU. Every polyhedron of this kind possesses a unique Goldberg vector.

Previous post: Chiral cube - the generalized Goldberg polyhedra , in this post, a model of (3,1) Goldberg polyhedron is made.